Bierschenke has established itself as the most authentic, traditional Munich Bierkeller in the UK. Only pouring draft beer brewed in Bavaria.

The desire for authenticity came from a respect of the rich traditions that have formed in Bavaria around the Bierkeller. The goal of any true Bierkeller is to foster a feeling of ‘Gemütlichkeit’, a sense of warmth, friendliness and good cheer. 

Our menu reflects time-honoured Bavarian tastes. However, the centrepiece of any Bierkeller is the beer! We work closely with Paulaner Brewery and it associated breweries  (Hacker-Pschorr & AuerBräu) in Munich and will have the biggest selection of beers from these breweries in the UK. We offer guests the real Munich Bierkeller experience at our Bierschenke Bierkeller in Covent Garden. Come in today and see why we are the place for real Bierkeller culture in London.