Da Henrietta

Introducing Da Henrietta, a new restaurant inside Covent Garden's Henrietta Hotel. 

The restaurant (previously Henrietta Bistro) is now led by the Italian Supper Club - who have been running for 10 years and have already popped up at other Experimental Group locations.

Da Henrieeta Italian Supper Club (21)
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Da Henrietta will take guests on an experimental journey along the Italian West Coast, with a menu inspired by the rich cuisine of Liguria, Toscana, Lazio, Basilicata, Campania and Calabria. Dishes will include regional favorites such as farinata, a thick Ligurian pancake made from chickpeas, ravioli with Delica pumpkin, bergamot and hazelnuts, Toto's signature filled pasta, and bucatini alla gricia, pasta with guanciale and pecorino cheese from Rome.

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The wine selection follows the same philosophy and geography with some ‘off the beaten track’ wines from small producers of the West Coast and lesser known native grape varieties like Pigato from the Ligurian Cinque Terre and Aleatico from Tuscan Maremma.

Italian Supper Club founders Silvio Pezzana and Toto Dell'Aringa will now bring their trademark flair and energy to the Henrietta Hotel's ground floor restaurant to launch.