Dolce VyTA

Dolce VyTA is a collaboration with VyTA Covent Garden and Matteo Manzotti, young Italian chef with incredible passion and dedication to the pastry world .

Dolce VyTA it’s a sweet treat for all sweet lovers – Maritozzo is at the heart of Dolce VyTA , with tradional  Italian flavours, with classic vanilla Chantilly with offer of pistachio or dark chocolate cream. Dolce VyTA is heaven from Rome in heart of Covent Garden.

Indulge in the creamiest homemade hot chocolate that you can see being made through the window along with a great selection of coffees .

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Maritozzi were traditionally crafted exclusively during Lent, with an endearing tradition where husbands lovingly presented maritozzi to their beloved wives, giving rise to the endearing term ‘baker’s husbands’ in English.

At Dolce VyTA , our renowned Pastry Chef, Matteo Manzotti, adds his signature touch to this time-honoured Roman delight, a symbol of our Italian love for London. This is a haven for dessert enthusiasts, where you can relish freshly made Maritozzi, ideal for pairing with a steaming cup of coffee or a comforting mug of hot chocolateto keep you warm during the colder months.