& Other Stories

Conveniently located on Long Acre in Covent Garden, & Other Stories is the perfect place to explore timeless and inclusive designs from around the world.

& Other Stories was founded in 2010 and successfully launched in 2013. The brand offers a wide range of products, ranging from clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, to skincare and makeup. & Other Stories aims to give women the freedom to express themselves. True to their name and storytelling roots, they tell fashion stories starring their seasonal must haves and timeless treasures.

Designed in Paris, Stockholm and Los Angeles for diversity, each one of & Other Stories’ design ateliers has its own unique expression, which reflects the ever-evolving signature styles of the city where it’s based. The three ateliers do not have any overlap in the design process, however are sold alongside each other in every store!

& Other Stories approach every part of the brand with a sustainable mind-set, with a deep rooted ambition to create lovable circular fashion of premium quality that lasts beyond the current season. One of their most important goals is to use 100% sourced or recycled materials by 2030. By 2025, all packaging will be designed and produced to be recyclable or compostable. & Other Stories plans to also source all their products with animal hair from recycled or regenerated sources, or from farms with certified animal welfare standards. & Other Stories also run a recycling program in their stores, using your old textiles to re-wear, reuse or recycle.