Barcelona-based PDPAOLA was founded in 2015 by siblings Paola and Humbert Sasplugas. Inspired by Paola’s childhood passion for jewellery, the siblings set out to revolutionize the jewellery industry by creating an industry-changing jewellery brand that bridged the gap between the worlds of jewellery and fashion, and connected with a younger, fashion-conscious audience.

“Jewellery is a means of self-expression just like any other fashion item. We felt it was the perfect time to reach new audiences with a fresher value proposition: product design and quality, affordability, customer experience and a strong brand DNA that could resonate well with our audience.”- Humbert Sasplugas, Founder and CEO

In the years since, PDPAOLA has established itself as a global brand with a loyal following. Striving to continuously evolve and stay ahead of the curve, the brand consistently turns out new drops and signature collections that stay true to its ‘effortlessly elegant’ essence.


The minimalistic interior of the PDPAOLA London store has been designed to match and enhance the sophistication of our jewellery pieces, and to serve as a space where customers can explore and interact with our collections.

A neutral colour palette, open spaces and high mirrors represent the brand’s effortlessly elegant essence. Suspended flowers blossom in the walls: an atmosphere that invites customers to enjoy a moment of calm in the heart of the city.

The store showcases a curated selection of pieces from our latest drops and signature collections such as Letters and Charms. Our Fine Jewellery line, crafted in 18K gold and lab-grown diamonds, has its own section so clients can enjoy a personalized in-store experience.