How to Shuck Oysters

Ever wondered how to shuck an oyster? Well now you can learn thanks to Covent Garden’s very own Oystermen.

  • Tea Towel
  • Shucking Knife
  • Oysters
  • The way you get in to an oyster is through the hinge, which is the join at the slimmest end of the oyster.
  • Wrap the oyster in a tea towel for padding and carefully place your knife in the hinge and gently wiggle. Once you’re sure you have the hinge, push the knife in and then turn the knife until you hear a pop.
  • Then bring the knife through the oyster to find the muscles which holds the meat to the top and bottom part of the shell. These tend to be more towards the wider part of the muscle two thirds up from the hinge.
  • Cut through the muscle which will release the top shell and then the same for the bottom shell and then you oyster will be free.
  • Check for shell or if you need to clean the oyster and enjoy!