How to Sow Seeds

Starting with seeds of the smaller variety such a lettuce or peppers, you will need to take a small tray or pot and filled it with compost. Once filled, sprinkle your seeds evenly over the surface and top with a fine later of compost. It is important to keep the seeds warm and well-watered, so a green house or window sill would be best.

For larger seeds such as runner beans, fill a small pot with compost and make a well in the middle a few centimetres deep. Pop the seed in and cover it with the compost and water well. Within 7 to 10 days you should see signs of growth. Continue to grow indoors until the risk of frost has passed.

How will you know when to move your plant to a bigger pot? When the first set of leaves come up. To safely take the plant up, take a pencil and push it to the bottom of the pot to start raising up the compost. Then holding on to the leaves gently pull up and gently separate the compost from the roots. Take your pencil and make a couple of centimetre deep well in your new pot and place the seedling in the hole and gently press the compost around with your fingertips. Finish with a good bit of water. Allow the roots to fill the pot (you’ll spot them coming out the drainage holes in the bottom and replant one more time to a bigger pot and place outside.