Matilda The Musical: An Interview with Rakesh Boury

Covent Garden is located in the heart of London’s Theatreland and is draped in history that encompasses performance, theatres, film and entertainment. From the Royal Opera House to iconic theatres such as the Cambridge, Adelphi, Lyceum and Novello, the West End is famously known for showcasing the best in performance talent, set design, music and costume.

Covent Garden is celebrating a Month of Musicals this February by highlighting some of the most iconic shows currently performing in the West End, including the Royal Shakespeare Company’s multi-award winning Matilda The Musical, inspired by the beloved book by Roald Dahl.

Join us as we chat with the infamous character of Matilda’s father, Mr. Wormwood, played by actor Rakesh Boury.

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Our Q&A with Rakesh Boury

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the production, Matilda The Musical – How would you describe the experience for theatre goers who come to watch the show?

A clever and inspiring story about bravery, strength and power. It is a wonderful show for all the family, that will make you both laugh and cry. A brilliant day out.

With original songs written by the renowned musical genius Tim Minchin, do you have a favourite tune from the production and why?

This is hard, as there are so many brilliant songs. I of course love “TELLY”. But I think “When I Grow Up” is my favourite. It is a beautiful song, the lyrics are fantastic and conjure up lots of hopes and dreams from my childhood, and the staging is STUNNING.


"Hair, bling, money"

What three words would you use to describe your character Mr. Wormwood and why?

Hair, bling, money. Mr Wormwood is driven by being a bit of a show off and wants everyone to think he is a big deal (even if he’s not). He thinks it’s important to have the best hair, loads of gold  jewellery, and lots of money.

As part of Covent Gardens Month of Musicals, visitors can take a seat in Miss Trunchbulls chair and take on the #MatildaPose challenge. If Mr. Wormwood had to set a challenge, what do you think it would be?

Seeing how quickly someone could manually wind a speedometer of a car backwards until the mileage was “practically nuthin”.

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Covent Garden, the heart of Theatreland

This Pancake Day, Covent Garden is hosting a whole range of sweet and savoury pancake menus across its hub of dining destinations, whats your go-to pancake topping?

Easy. A sprinkling of sugar, squeeze of lemon and a gallon of Golden Syrup.

Covent Garden is an iconic shopping, dining, and experience neighbourhood, outside of performance and rehearsal hours, what is your favourite thing to do in Covent Garden?

I enjoy walking around Covent Garden and just soaking in the atmosphere and people watching. There is always something happening as well, from live singing in the Piazza to the street performance artists. All the little side streets are beautiful as well, with amazing food and shops so I never get bored.

The RSCs Matilda The Musical is playing live on stage at the Cambridge Theatre, currently booking until May 2024. Check out the Covent Garden Instagram for your chance to win an opportunity to see Matilda The Musical yourself or purchase your show tickets here
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