La Gelatiera

La Gelatiera is home to London’s finest artisan gelato. The unsurpassed quality of their gelato is a result of carefully chosen ingredients, genuine craftsmanship, and the science and creativity of maestro and co-owner Antonio. ‘La Gelatiera’ refers to the traditional gelato churn used originally by artisans to make gelato. It was chosen as the founders are so passionate about the craft involved with making the best gelato.

To ensure the freshness and quality of their gelato, it is made fresh daily on the premises, in small batches. The ‘Slow-Food’ philosophy is at the heart of La Gelatiera. They only use the best seasonal ingredients to create unique flavours of gelato and sorbets, never tasted before in London. Their gelato is 100% natural, free of any additives or preservatives, packed with flavour and low in fat. You never know what to expect at La Gelatiera, as gelato and sorbet flavours change on a daily basis to reflect seasonal variations, but one thing is guaranteed- It will be delicious!

Visit La Gelatiera on New Row in Covent Garden to try various flavours of award winning gelato and sorbet, ranging from smooth and creamy salted caramel or Cornish blue and walnuts. There are vegan sorbet options available too!  Since opening over 10 years ago, La Gelatiera has consistently used the highest quality ingredients to make their artisan gelato with organic jersey milk, and tonnes of fresh fruit to produce their sorbets.