Established in 2012, nestled in the hustle and bustle of Camden, London, Mooboo Bubble Tea was set up in response to a growing demand to bridge the gap between Far East culture and western tastes. A foreign, yet intriguing concept in the West that had seen blazing demand in the East, the popularity of Bubble Tea only furthered as time went on. Since then, Mooboo has only continued to flourish, as the demand for Bubble Tea grows and the market innovates.

Currently, Mooboo are the largest bubble tea franchise operator in the UK, and have over 100 locations nationwide, one based on our very own New Row (foodie central!) in Covent Garden. Their expansive menu with over 1000 combinations has enriched the overall experience of customers of all ages. Some of their best sellers include Mooboo brown sugar, taro and passion and mango!

For many people, bubble tea is a completely new concept. No, it is not just very hot bubbling tea, so what exactly is it? Bubble tea is a tea-based beverage that can be accompanied by chewy tapioca balls but customers can choose other toppings as well. Depending on the region and culture, grass jelly, popping balls, aloe vera, and red beans are all potential choices.

The History of Bubble Tea:

Bubble tea appeared first in Taiwan in the early 1980s. There were two major claims saying that they were the inventor of bubble tea. It was first created by Han-Chieh Liu, who combined milk tea with black tapioca balls. The drink became popular with students, who would buy it from street vendors for breakfast or a snack. Another claim for the invention of bubble tea comes from the owner of Hanlin Tea Room of Tainan City in Taiwan, Tsong-He Tu was inspired to create bubble tea when he saw white tapioca balls for sale in the traditional market. His idea was to create something new that would be popular among customers who were bored of drinking plain old boring teas.  They even went to court to fight for who the inventor of bubble tea was. After ten years of litigation, the court finally ruled that bubble tea was a new type of beverage, and neither party could obtain a patent.

Mooboo are in the process of further expanding their brand presence by fervently innovating branding, staying dynamic, yet consistent in excellence. Mooboo is not just a Bubble Tea brand. Mooboo is a holistic experience which evokes a sense of passion and happiness in every bubble. Visit them in the unmissable, yellow, Covent Garden shop, for the tasty experience and endless list of choices!