Jamaica Patty Co

Jamaica Patty Co. was founded in 2013 with the aim of bringing high quality Jamaican food to the UK. Frustrated by her inability to find the flavours and aromas of straight from the oven patties in London, Jamaican-born entrepreneur Theresa Roberts, decided to launch Jamaica Patty Co. in order to give UK consumers the opportunity to enjoy the fresh flavour of Jamaica.

All of their recipes are based on those that Theresa’s father used when he would make patties at their home in Battersea, after he arrived in England in the late 1950s as part of the windrush generation. Theresa insists that every single patty is freshly baked in store, just like they are in Jamaica.

Jamaican Patties are an incredibly popular savoury treat across the whole of Jamaica and are now widely available in other Caribbean islands, Canada and USA. Traditional Jamaican Patties have a crispy pastry and crust usually made with Tumeric, which gives the pastry its distinctive colour. Patties are eaten in Jamaica at any time of day or night and can be a main meal or just a snack. Jamaica Patty Co’s patties are made to a traditional recipe and baked in store to ensure an authentic experience. As well as traditional flavours, they have created Curried Goat, Jerk Chicken and Ackee & Saltfish patties, so that the UK consumers can experience the flavours of other Jamaican foods in patty form!

Jamaica Patty Co not only serves up fresh, authentic patties, they also have their own brand Blue Mountain coffee imported to the UK from the region itself, just north of Kingston. Blue Mountain coffee has long been recognised by coffee lovers as one of the finest coffees available worldwide. Another unmissable treat from Jamaica Patty Co is the Tortuga Rum Cake. Anybody who has travelled to Jamaica will be familiar with this brand, and lucky enough for you Londoners, JPC imports the cake in four different flavours (Golden Original, Blue Mountain Coffee, Chocolate and Coconut) direct from the bakery in Kingston. Traditional Caribbean soups are also available on their menu, including Jamaican Vegetable and Chicken & Dumpling.

At Jamaica Patty Co, they only use the best meat and poultry, guaranteeing a premium product every time. The patties are accessible to all those with dietary requirements; the chicken in all their patties and meals is halal, the goat in their meals is halal and there are delicious patties available for vegetarians and vegans.

Visit the Covent Garden hangout on New Row to try some authentic West Indian food, filled with ingredients of the highest quality. You can eat in in the basement dining area or order a pasty to go!