Mother Mash

Visit Mother Mash for the ultimate feel-good food. Mother Mash does exactly as it says on the tin: excellent mash potato. Perhaps it’s the way they use only locally sourced potatoes and make the mash fresh for every person. Perhaps it’s the delicious choice of organic sausages, gourmet pies and TASTY GRAVIES that accompany it. Or maybe it’s just that freshly-made mash makes everyone feel good. Whatever it is, at Mother Mash you can expect heart-warming, happy, soul food every day of the week.

You can order at Mother Mash in three simple steps:  order a freshly prepared mash, order a sausage (they use only butcher’s quality sausages and locally sourced pies with no artificial nonsense or horrible bits), and finally order a freshly made gravy. Mother Mash also offers vegetarian and vegan alternatives for mash, sausages and gravy.

You’ll find Mother Mash just off the hustle and bustle of fashionable Covent Garden on New Row. Taking design cues from the original, Victorian London pie and mash shops, their restaurants have attractive modern dining rooms, with plenty of daylight, white subway tiles, and traditional marble table tops. The restaurant also has an outside area, ideal to sit and watch the world go by.