Amorino, Long Acre

Located on Long Acre in the heart of the West End, Amorino has brought to Covent Garden the indulgence and magic of authentic traditional Italian gelato.

Amorino on Long Acre has served every customer the highest quality gelato using the most natural and organic ingredients. Here, Vegan customers can also enjoy a wide range of delicious and refreshing sorbets. There is something for everyone and we continue expanding our range every day!

Besides Gelato, choose from delicious Macarons filled with Gelato, Waffle to Crepe, Frappe to Sorbet Drink, espresso to latte macchiato, to Cioccolata Calda (Hot Chocolate) with a choice of 10 different flavours.

The shop creates a classic ambiance with harmonised furnishings, colours and lighting. When customers enter the shop, they are welcomed with the colourfulness of the Gelato cabinet, the fresh smell of softwood and the pleasure of happy melody.