Bow Street Police Museum

Bow Street Police Museum tells the story of the early Bow Street Patrols and Runners, London’s first official law enforcement service, and the Metropolitan Police officers who walked the streets of Covent Garden in their footsteps. Located on the site of the 1881 Bow Street Magistrate’s Court and Police Station, the Museum is filled with rich stories of investigations, arrests and justice being served. From the earliest watchmen who tackled crime with nothing more than a lantern and a staff, to the modern Magistrates presiding over cases of international renown.

BSPM Cells (C) Cristian Barnett

Former cells have become galleries where visitors can hear tales from those who once worked inside the station’s walls and learn about the cases which bought international attention to Bow Street including Oscar Wilde, the Suffragettes and the Kray Twins.

Alongside the important and fascinating stories of police history, the Museum also provides a glimpse into the life and times of Covent Garden. Look out for the Museum’s events programme which explores how the market, theatreland, shops, bars and restaurants intertwined with operations on Bow Street.