Complimentary Services at Cheaney

Cheaney, the English hand-made shoe brand, has lots of complimentary services. Among them:

Refurbishment Service
Cheaney will be able to offer you a full refurbishment service if you want to extend the life of your pair of shoes. Their craftsmen will carefully take off the sole and heels of your shoes with the welts as well as insoles if necessary. The craftsmen will then reshape the shoes and reconstruct them with high-quality materials so the shoes look good as new! The process will take 6 working weeks for your pair of shoes to be totally new once again. New soles are generally made of rubber and are well fitted and stitched using the well-known ‘Goodyear’ welted process. Then, the shoes are re-finished and returned to you. The refurbishment service costs £110.

Complimentary Glacage Services
On top of the refurbishment service, you can also experience glacage for your shoes. Glacage is a magical polishing technique that is highly recommended for leather shoes lovers. Using this glossing technique, your shoes will look totally new and your leather smoother than ever. Cheaney polishers are here to make you shoes shine like a diamond. Of course, polishing is complimentary for Cheaney customers at the boutique.