An Interactive Pollution Pavillion Arrives In Covent Garden

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Capital & Counties Properties PLC (‘Capco’) announces that environmental charity Hubbub is opening an interactive ‘Pollution Pavilion’ in Covent Garden from Tuesday 14th January until Sunday 26th January.

Arriving on Covent Garden’s East Piazza, the ‘Pollution Pavilion’ will raise public awareness of air quality issues and encourage conversation about air pollution. The installation supports Hubbub’s objective to ensure the issue of air pollution is a political priority and follows new research that revealed 80% of Britons are worried that the UK limits for air pollution don’t match WHO guidelines. The survey also found that 83% of people are worried about how air pollution could affect them or their families.

Designed in collaboration with artists Climate and Cities and King’s College London, the installation displays huge and bright balloons that change colour reflecting annual Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) date drawn from 5 different locations across London to help visitors visualise air pollution levels.

Michelle McGrath, Director of Covent Garden commented: “As the pedestrianised heart of the capital, Covent Garden enjoys some of the best air quality in Central London, and we continue to embrace measures to improve and maintain this. We are proud to support this important initiative and welcome the Pollution Pavilion which will help to work towards a cleaner, greener capital

Trewin Restorick, CEO and Co-founder of Hubbub said: “As air pollution is invisible it’s really easy to ignore this issue, but there is a very real threat to our health.  There’s lots we can all do to improve the Air We Share and have a positive impact, but what we really need is legislation and initiatives that deliver clean air for everyone.  We are today urging everyone to write to their local MP to get this important issue higher up on the Government’s agenda.”