Parfums De Marly

Parfums de Marly, the Haute Parfumerie Maison created by Julien Sprecher, revives the splendour of the lifestyle of Château de Marly, a place dedicated to pleasure and celebration during the 18th century.

A refined perfumery, respecting French savoir-faire, with audacious compositions that dare to go against the grain.

Each fragrance has its own olfactory signature, developed from a palette of noble ingredients.
Parfums de Marly creates a unique experience that reflects the fascinating association between the classic and the contemporary.

The splendour of the 18th century through a prism of modern vision.

PDM Layton 1198X1080
PDM Delina 900X900

Parfums de Marly welcomes you to its boutique in the United Kingdom. An original decor blending classicism and audacity, noble materials and contemporary inspirations. This space places an accent on experiences and emotion, and offers an immersive journey through the House's universe and brings to life the vision of its founder, Julien Sprecher.

The spirit of an 18th-century French château blends with the atmosphere of a contemporary Parisian apartment. Deconstructed moldings, reinterpreted Versailles parquet, a new take on the classic chandelier, an interactive olfactorium, and a digitized Château de Marly come together in a luminous space finished in marble — an artful decor to echo olfactory compositions brimming with noble raw materials and innovation.

The addictive bouquet of Delina, the ambery, floral elegance of Layton… Parfums de Marly fragrances resemble none other. Placed on a central table whose ornamentation recalls French gardens, the House's emblematic horses invite the visitor on a journey of discovery.

PDM Delina Trio 900X900
PDM Haltane 476X600