Pineapple Shop

At the height of disco in 1979, Debbie Moore launched her very first Pineapple logo street sweats, trackpants and t-shirts, marking the start of her highly acclaimed, best-selling streetwear.

Debbie watched the dancers who used safety pins to pull their necklines further down and cut the leg-lines higher in their nylon leotards, and took her inspiration from this.

Realising that clothing with stretch was much more comfortable for outerwear, Debbie developed cotton-lycra with Dupont, trade-marking the soft stretch fabric only used in corsetry at the time as nothing like this was available in the dancing world. This launched the Pineapple black lycra still loved to this day amongst the dancing community and athleisure community alike.

Visit the Pineapple shop in Covent Garden to shop the latest fashion, activewear and accessories.