The Moomin Shop

The Moomin Shop in Covent Garden's Market Building opened in 2011. The boutique is entirely devoted to the Moomins, Tove Jansson’s loveable hippo-like trolls, and stocks books, gadgets, tableware, clothing, stationery and rare memorabilia emblazoned with these adorable characters from Finland.

First published in 1945, Jansson wrote numerous novels and short stories surrounding the Moomins and their extended family. The characters are largely based on her own family, friends and on herself, she also wrote and illustrated four picture books with the final Moomin instalment published in 1980 before moving on to write for adults.

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Jansson’s books went on to be reenvisaged in several television productions over the years. In 1990 Telecable created 104 episodes sold to 60 countries, further popularising The Moomins worldwide.

2019 brought the Moomins back to children’s television with Moominvalley. A new adaption starring Taron Egerton, Kate Winslet and Warwick Davis alongside a host of other well-known actors. Such an exciting cast is a testament to the continued enchantment of the Moomins who have stood the test of time with children and adults for almost 75 years.

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Discover the Moomin Shop in Covent Garden which has even been designed to look like Moomin Valley. Walk through a charming recreation of Moomin Forest and Moomin Cave before you enter the treasure trove of delights inside.