Harriet Cameron works from a London based small studio specialising in men’s and woman’s scarves with a mixture of printed scarves of her own design and plush silk velvet scarves in various colour combinations.

Harriet studied stained glass at ‘The Wimbledon School of Art’. She then won a scholarship to study at ‘The Ecole des Arts Decoratifs’ in Paris. During her time in Paris, she switched from Stained glass to painting on silk. From Paris, she then moved to New York where she sold hand-painted silks to shops including ‘Henri Bendel’ and ‘Neiman Marcus’.

In returning to the UK Harriet has worked from her Studio in West London and has concentrated on selling her hand-painted scarves, kimonos and wall hangings. More recently she has extended her range to sell printed versions of her designs. Colour remains her main concern along with high quality, affordability, dedication to interesting fabrics and design.

In addition to this website, Harriet’s work can also be viewed on the ‘Crafts Council Index’ and if you prefer a more personal approach at Covent Garden Apple Market where Harriet has stall no. 28 on Tuesdays, stall no.28 on Wednesdays and stall no. 18 on Fridays

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