KU Toys

The story behind our product had begun many years ago with my grand mother teaching my mother to crotchet when she was very little. As years went on my mother always used to make many toys for every kid in the family and every other kid in the neighbourhood. And as her son we decided to share these lovely toys with the rest of the world and start selling them in one of the most touristic locations in London, Covent Garden. It has now been nearly a year since we started trading at Apple Market and hoping to continue for many more years to come to continue putting a smile on every kids face.

We sell all sorts of crotchet toys, varying from cute sheep to beautifully hand-crafted dolls as well as adorable teddy bears. All of our products are handmade with 100% soft and natural cotton fibre yarns to maximise the quality of each one of our toys. As our products are aimed at kids and babies, we also use safety pin eyes and go through health and safety checks before putting our toys up on our stalls. So far, the favourite toy of the year has been the beautiful red-haired doll as it has really caught the eye of every other customer who have visited our stall. As well the adorable sheep which had a lot of admirers with its cuteness and bubbly blushed cheeks.

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