Lux Felt

Lux Felt London is a family-run fashion brand and online retailer based in, you guessed it, London. Created in 2017, the company was the brainchild of Magdalena Jonska who, after spending several years in management, decided that she wanted an outlet for her creativity. After trying unsuccessfully to find this creative outlet in different management positions, the inspiration for Lux Felt London came to her over dinner with an old friend. The friend, who worked at a leather-goods company, had brought one of their products to show Magda, but this wasn’t what caught her eye; what did was the felt sleeve in which it was kept.

The next day, inspired by this new idea, Magda decided to make herself a felt sleeve for her laptop. She bought the necessary materials and got to work. It wasn’t long before she realized the potential of her idea. She called her grandmother (Mirka) and her mother (Renata), and told them about her idea; they were on board. After spending some months working on design, Lux Felt London’s first bags came out in September and by April, they had a stand at Greenwich Market. Before long, Lux Felt London went online, at which point, Magda’s sisters, Natalia and Idalia, came on board as models to help advertise the family company!

Working seamlessly together since, Lux Felt London has thrived under the collaboration of these three generations of strong, independent women. Offering high quality products (notably fade and water resistant), with a level of detail usually only found in leather-goods, and available in fifteen different vibrant colours, Lux Felt London’s unique designs combine practicality and elegance in all its products!


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