Photo Typewriter

Photography is about Adventure.

It’s about discovering forgotten places, crawling through train yards, getting caught by the tide and landing upside down in a ditch. All to find a fascinating perspective.

Photo Typewriter has taken over 1,300 black and white photographs, from deck chairs to door knockers, guitars to gas lamps, lighthouses to loch gates and highland cows to tawny owls! From the extremely grand (Clifton Suspension Bridge) to the ‘everyday’ (a piece of toast). Each photo is taken at such an angle that it looks like a letter. You can then ‘type’ with the photos and create names or cherished words.

Photo Typewriter focuses on creating stunning personalised artwork for the home and on creating the perfect present for all occasions. Weddings, birthdays, christenings, house- warmings, happy new budgerigars... everything. They provide the photography, and then you provide your own personal touch choosing shots that have meaning to you.

Photo Typewriter take artistic shots that people would want to hang on their wall even if they didn’t have a ‘hidden’ meaning. Photo Typewriter is inspired to take photographs of complete, recognisable objects, rather than meaningless aspects of uninteresting scenes.

Photo Typewriter is always seeking fresh ideas for letter photography, whilst remaining dignified and not being superglued to a camera!

Choosing your letters is easy. Visit Covent Garden Apple Market and their sales assistant will be very happy to guide you through their 'low-tech' custom built selection cards. You walk away with your product - just as if it had come from a photo typewriter.

Currently, you can choose to have your word:

Mounted – premium product, able to hold between 1 and 12 photos (letters) in a single mount

Clip frames – economy product, you can hang them in your preferred arrangement Photos only – most versatile product, you can use your own choice of frame

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