MUJI was founded in Japan in 1980 as an antithesis to the habits of consumer society at that time. The purpose of MUJI is restoring a vision of products that are actually useful for the customer and maintain an ideal of the proper balance between living and the objects that make it possible. Muji is short for Mujirushi Ryohin, and directly translates to “no-brand quality goods”.

If you are a fan of minimalism and items which are not only high quality, but functional too, visit MUJI in Covent Garden. The store, based on Long Acre, is modern and clearly organised into different sections such as stationary, clothing and homeware. Just like the products they sell, the MUJI store is minimalistic, clean and sleek, and has a calm atmosphere, perfectly reflecting the brand’s simplicity.

Finding basic clothing can be an absolute nightmare, and one of the highlights of the MUJI store is the vast selection of high quality, basic pieces, which are comfortable and stylish. MUJI focuses on their environmental impact, displayed through their use of sustainable materials such as recycled paper and organic cotton. Refillable products such as pens and skincare products are just one of the ways that the MUJI store promotes a more sustainable way of life.

MUJI on Long Acre, is the perfect place to visit, whether you are searching for high quality clothing, functional stationary and office supplies, or homeware such as bedding and furniture. All of their products are guaranteed to be functional, sustainable and high quality.