Nudie Jeans

The Nudie Jeans Shop in Seven Dials is the third Repair Shop in London, opened in late 2019.

The design draws inspiration from the Swedish “Gillestuga”, characterized by details of fresh pine wood, brick and twisted metal bars. Together with the metal elements on the store front, the aesthetic of the store pays tribute to the metal work history of beautiful Ching’s Court. The sustainable ambitions of Nudie Jeans also carries the legacy of the organic movement of Monmouth Street into the contemporary fashion presence of the area.

All our stores offer a free repair service, which includes hemming and repairing of all Nudie Jeans denim. If you’d rather hand in your worn or unwanted pair, you’ll receive 20% off a new one. Items handed in always need to be freshly washed. Your trade-ins will either be used for the repair service or repaired and resold in our Re-Use programs offered in store.