Aesop, King Street

Aesop's sixth London signature store, Aesop Covent Garden was created in partnership with Parisian architects Ciguë, who took inspiration from four seemingly disparate but equally important design references: a Virginia Woolf quote, a Francis Bacon painting, a Henry Moore sculpture and an excerpt from Beauty and the Beast.

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The brilliantly whitewashed walls reflect abundant natural light; exposed copper plumbing and light fixtures provide industrial accents. A floor of engraved green cement tiles pays homage to the area’s Italianate piazza—London’s first open square, constructed in the seventeenth century.

The colour is echoed in lush vegetation which climbs the walls from an interior window box, complementing the neighbouring gardens of Saint Paul’s Church.

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Aesop is an Australian skin care company established in 1987, offering a range of skin, hair and body care formulations created with meticulous attention to detail. Our considered product range also includes personal fragrance and formulations for the home. Our objective has always been to formulate products of the finest quality; we investigate widely to source plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients from reputable suppliers across the globe, and use only those with a proven record of safety and efficacy.