Lululemon, based at Long Acre in Covent Garden is a premium athletic and leisure brand, famous for its stylish, comfortable and very high quality products. The Covent Garden store is modern and clearly laid out, making it easy to navigate yourself around their large selection of products. The clean and minimalist aesthetic of the store is a perfect reflection of the products they sell.

Lululemon offers a vast range of products, including but certainly not limited to leggings, tops, tanks, hoodies and shorts. Some of the bestsellers for womenswear include the Define Jack Luon and Groove Super High Rise Flared Pant Nulu, both the perfect combination of functional and incredibly stylish. What makes Lululemon products so desirable is their functionality, however also the clean and athletic aesthetic, making their workout clothing perfect for an intense workout... or a relaxing walk with a friend. To complement your active gear, Lululemon also has a range of accessories like hats and water bottles.

Lululemon's world-class fabrics, innovative design concepts and functional technology are what set them apart and support ultimate performance potential. Their athletic wear is known for its quality, for example 'Luon' - The original performance fabric is breathable and cottony-soft. Its technical properties and functionality, including four-way stretch. This sort of material is designed for yoga or low intensity activity. 'Nulu' is the first fabric designed for the Naked Sensation category, it is lightweight and delivers that next-to-nothing feeling. Its light compression, four-way stretch, and full coverage allow unrestricted movement and confidence during your practice.  The brand also offers materials like Nulux and Luxtreme which are designed for more high impact activities like running and weight training.

The Covent Garden store offers a recycling program, allowing customers to bring their pre-loved athletic wear in and in return receive a discount on their next purchase!  The store has a focus on community, regularly holding yoga, meditation and wellness events, enabling customers to focus on their health and well-being.

Lululemon in Covent Garden is a must-visit for people who enjoy working out and would like to invest in  athletic wear which is stylish, durable, comfortable and of an exceptional quality.