Empresa is the result of fabrics and design research combined with the expertise of Italian artisans. Founded in 1999 thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Baranes Brothers, who opened their first store in Campo de' Fiori, in Rome. The family moved to Italy to escape from the persecutions of Libya, after the seizure of all family assets.

Prompted by their love for fashion, they started a new life. Soon they became the reference point for high quality leather and refined style, careful to even the smallest details. The company is moved by the need to convey emotions through fabrics processed using formulas that respect the environment. In only a few years, Empresa obtained the esteem of the best national and international markets, opening stores in London, Miami and in the most beautiful cities of art: Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice.

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Empresa is a high quality and contemporary artisanal brand, completely made in Italy. The brand was founded by the four Baranes brothers, with the intention to create a product for those who are always looking for both style and quality. The brand are recognised worldwide for their leather garments, created with special natural treatments that make them unique. Their collections are surrounded by an allure of mystery and magic.

With Empresa you can make a journey through time, but stand out in present day, where everything looks the same. Each product has been designed with passion and proposes a style that differs from all the dictates of fashion. If you wear Empresa, you are wearing a work of art, crafted and sewed by expert hands, with a know-how that has been handed down for generations.