N.Peal, the home of cashmere

From our start in 1936, N.Peal has based our values on innovation, quality, style and service as well as producing the softest, finest cashmere from sustainable suppliers. Our founder, Nat Peal, was known as the ‘British King of Cashmere’ and we remain the country’s leading cashmere brand. Our clothing and accessories have been worn by an international coterie of style icons including Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant, as well as the most modern incarnation of Britain’s favourite spy, James Bond.

From our home on the Mayfair’s elegant Burlington Arcade at the heart of London, we’ve served our loyal customers for almost 90 years. And we now warmly welcome customers to our collection of boutiques in London and New York, as well as through our website.

From goat to garment, we have refined every step of the year-long process of making a cashmere piece to ensure it has the least impact on the environment possible. Using processes approved by the Global Organic Textile Standards group alongside a sophisticated barcode tracking system, we know that from raw fibre to finished garment we control the quality against exacting standards.

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Today, N.Peal sources its cashmere from sustainably run farms in Mongolia.  It also offers a bespoke service through which customers can have their chosen design hand-knitted to order.

Located in the iconic Market Building of Covent Garden, N.Peal's store looks out onto the hustle and bustle of Central Avenue and offers the perfect opportunity to peruse the finest cashmere clothing and accessories for men and women. N.Peal houses a stunning range of gifts to spoil yourself or others from pashminas, hats and socks through to cashmere coats, capes and our iconic jumpers all crafted from the softest Mongolian cashmere.

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