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Polo Ralph Lauren has redefined American style with its world of quality, inspirational products that reflect the brand’s aesthetic and lifestyle. Ralph Lauren started his legendary brand Polo in 1967 selling ties out of a drawer in the Empire State Building and debuting his first full men’s collection the next year. The brand quickly took off and opened the first ever boutique in Bloomingdales dedicated to a single designer.

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The iconic Polo Pony icon appeared In 1971 on the cuff of a line of women’s shirts and the Polo shirt the year after. Designed in the finest materials and a rainbow of colours, the Polo shirt complete with pony logo became synonymous with classic American style. So much so, it was featured in the landmark Museum of Modern Art exhibition Items: Is Fashion Modern? in 2017. The Polo shirt was highlighted as one of the most important items if clothing released in the past decades and added to the museums permanent collection.

Designing clothing to define eras, Ralph Lauren continued to push style boundaries and received a lifetime achievement award for his contributions to fashion. Polo was chosen as the first official outfitter of Wimbledon in 2006, a first in the tournaments 120-year history! The brand was also chosen to design the US Olympic and Paralympic teams in 2008.

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The new menswear store in Covent Garden reflects the classic yet spirited American style, for which Polo Ralph Lauren is recognized throughout the world. Architectural elements are drawn from iconic American worlds – from Ivy league prep to collegiate sports to the great outdoors environments of the sportsman. Each piece is made with care and skill using exceptional materials. This means that while you may change your look with the season, a Polo Ralph Lauren item will be loved and worn for many years to come.