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Street Performer auditions


  • Please arrive by 10.15am at the latest at the North Hall to ensure you are registered
  • There will be a judging panel made up of representatives from the Courtyard Musicians Association, Street Performers Association & the Capco Covent Garden Management Team

  • Each audition must last no longer than 3 minutes

    These auditions are for performance slots in the North Hall, West Piazza and Courtyard

  • The North Hall and West Piazza pitch is predominantly for variety / circus acts with a structured show. Auditioning acts need to show a high degree of skill and the ability to build a rapport with the audience

  • The Courtyard pitch is for classical vocalists and instrumentalists. Vocalists should not be amplified although they can have a backing track

  • All auditioned performers will be contacted within one week of their audition in writing. They will receive feedback and confirmation of the audition result. All decisions are final

  • Please note there is no capacity for acoustic guitarists or singer/songwriters

  • We do not allow any wind instruments, brass instruments, electric guitars, drums, accordions, bagpipes or didgeridoos to be played here at Covent Garden

  • We are unable to supply electricity, all equipment must be battery powered

If you are unsuccessful in your audition, try

Street Performer