Middle Eight is a lifestyle luxury hotel, whose name is derived from the musical term ‘middle eight’, an interlude that differs in character from a song's melody and is used to inject variety through change. The hotel aims to emulate this - adding to the vibrant, bustling nature of Covent Garden with its luxurious and modern accommodation, while still retaining the heritage and character of the neighbourhood.

Middle East Covent Garden Hotel London (4)
Middle East Covent Garden Hotel London (6)

Throughout the hotel this ethos is brought to life, and no more so than in QT – a subterranean bar, performance venue, and screening room. Built on the foundations of the iconic music venue, Kingsway Hall, this speakeasy style space offers a variety of live performances, alongside a carefully curated cocktail collection and a globally inspired food menu.

Sycamore Vino Cucina is a contemporary, authentic Italian restaurant featuring an open kitchen set in marble that overlooks the main dining room. Sycamore is an urban, local hang-out with the sharing nature of the dishes creating an atmosphere that is informal and laid-back. Welcoming and bustling during the day, by night the buzz continues as live DJs and musical talent create a vibrant and welcoming social hub.