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Covent Garden's 2018 Trends

Covent Garden's 2018 Trends

Covent Garden's 2018 Trends

2018 is going to be an exciting year for Covent Garden, with the opening of SUSHISAMBA, The Shop at Bluebird and Cora Pearl to name a few. A truly unique London destination, Covent Garden blends the best of shopping and dining in to one neighbourhood. Having so much in one place means you can really spot the trends for the New Year breaking through. Here is the rundown of the top trends for 2018 in Covent Garden.



SIF (Single Ingredient Food)

With the whole nation paying more attention to their eating habits, allowing their bodies to be more of a temple than a theme park, restaurants have had to keep up with the demand. The single ingredient food has come through as the latest foodie trend, the likes of your humble avocado, eggs and steak are now the focus.

You can indulge fully in this trend in Covent Garden thanks to Flat Iron, who pride themselves on offering really good steak. Yes the chips are great and don’t get us started on that aubergine side but with an in house butcher and daily menu changes, you can always count on Flat Iron giving you beef.

Flat Iron

Newly opened for 2018 is Pancs, which as you can imagine serves pancakes. Whether you are sweet or savoury, there is a pancake for you. This delicious circular treats allow you to indulge in duck confit, halloumi and many more indulgent ingredients. If this wasn’t enough, there is even a cake made up purely of, you guessed it, pancakes piled one on top of the other.

Coming soon to Covent Garden is Avo Bar, that’s right, your favourite ripening friend is getting its own café. The boutique restaurant will serve nutritious bowls and salads, as well as eclectic dishes such as avocado carpaccio, avo hot cakes, green shakshuka and an eclectic breakfast menu. If you can make it with an avocado, this place will put it on your plate.


From the Farm to your Table

Perhaps said best by our own Frenchie, Greg Marchand to I News; “I think we’ll see less and less protein on the plate but this protein will be better sourced, where protein is used almost as a condiment rather than a main ingredient. It doesn’t make it vegetarian, but the dishes become more vegetable-driven. Chefs are being more and more conscious about wastage – Dan Barber illustrated it well with his pop-up restaurant Wasted at Selfridges. More and more talented chefs will move to countryside or get a parcel of land to grow their own produce for the restaurant. This way they can use seasonal ingredients, all fresh, straight from a farm-to-table.”

The five star dining at Frenchie is known to change as the seasons do, championing the likes of asparagus season with dedicated dishes during the seasonal vegetable’s high of May.



Proper Breakfast

The days of a rushed baked pastry and a hurried instant coffee as your only choice for breakfast on the move are gone. Welcome to the days of being able to pick up something that will help you start the morning right and even sustain you until lunchtime.

Covent Garden Grind, home to their own house blend coffee, is one of the most recognisable London cafes. Whether it is the neon sign, the Instagram-worthy crockery or their healthy spin on their menu they are a firm favourite in the capital. Sit in and enjoy the likes of beetroot-cured smoked salmon with scrambled eggs on sourdough, and their raw breakfast salad with broccoli, bulgar wheat, matcha and a poached egg. Or dash in a hurry with a take away coffee, freshly made juice and a protein ball. It's time to rise and Grind!

Covent Garden Grind



Covent Garden has more beauty stores in one square mile than anywhere else in London. Filled with flagship stores from world renowned brands, Covent Garden is the place to find the latest beauty trends.

Looking Fresh

Beautiful, healthy skin was on the rise in 2017 with the likes of Korean beauty regimes and double cleansing coming to the front of people’s mind when thinking about good skincare. Now in 2018, the focus is there to have your skin looking the best it possibly can, all day.

NARS’ latest product launch, Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation in their Covent Garden store sees them introduce their first 16-hour fade-resistant foundation with full-powered radiance. Its unstoppable medium-to-full buildable coverage stays vibrant and fresh, as if just applied.

Formulated to improve skin hour by hour with skin optimizing complex—a blend of raspberry, apple, and watermelon extracts that helps support skin elastic fibres to smooth and improve skin texture – while specialised pigments recognize and fuse with your skin for your closest match yet. So it is still your skin, just better thanks to science.

Next up is Charlotte Tilbury’s Youth Brightening Glow. You can always trust in Charlotte to provide you with the best products to have your skin glowing in no time. Her latest product aims to blur blemishes, discard discolouration and sedate skin tone. Use after your moisturiser as a primer before foundation or don’t, as you might find you don’t need to!  

Finally comes a new take on full coverage foundation, Bobbi Brown’s Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation aims to be a second skin whilst delivering a natural finish. When you want to wear something covering but not clogging, concealing but not constricting this is the new look for you. Better yet, it even has SPF15!

Bobbi Brown


Skincare smarts

Knowledge is power and knowing what you are putting on to your skin has the ability to change how you look and feel. With the focus remaining this year on wellness, we are treating our skin with the outright respect and help it needs thanks these items hitting the stores this year.

The Ordinary’s 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil is a bottle full of the unmitigated power of natural ingredients. This multitasking product packs a punch of moisture in every drop, allowing you to rehydrate your skin and hair, this is your SOS in a bottle for these cold winters and cutting winds.

When talking about vitamin c many things spring to mind; oranges and cold fighting remedies mainly but what about using it for your skin. Some of the benefits of using vitamin c on your skin is that is antioxidant boosts collagen production and reduces redness. If you’re not down for the dozen step skin regime then Clinique in Covent Garden has the perfect solution to pep start your routine. Their daily booster with pure vitamin c 10% mixes straight in to your morning and evening moisturiser!



Signature scent

The trend to find a signature scent is nothing new. For decades people have prescribed to a certain scent that they have sworn allegiances to. However, new scents are coming through the ranks allowing you the change your scent as often as you like, with each time changing your mood, your attitude and even your outlook. Some of the newest, exciting and enticing scents in Covent Garden are now in store! 

Whenever you talk about this fragrance, people always say something along the lines of ‘yes, but is it really that good. Does it actual smell like it says in the name’. To those questions, we say yes it does smells f***ing fabulous. The newly opened Tom Ford store in Covent Garden has a great many of treats and tricks in its lacquered walls but the treasure in the trove is really Mr Ford’s signature scent F***ing Fabulous. It is a must to be discovered. Just don’t be as shocked at how much you love it as you are about the price.

Tom Ford

From beauty powerhouse Michelle Feeney comes her newest venture Floral Street. Seeing as you have this woman to thank for bringing MAC to the mass market, you can understand why everyone has been excited about this fragrance launch. Creating a space that is fun and friendly, their flagship in Covent Garden hosts the eight newly launched fragrances, each with their own persona and powerful message. Once you have found the fragrance you love the floristas in store will walk you through the fragrance’s notes that have come together to help create the scent you’ve chosen to love; truly educating you on what you love the most about your new favourite scent. Watch out for their Wonderland Peony which has main notes of blackcurrant, pink peppercorn and candy floss!

Each scent has a story in Atelier Cologne. Every scent has a moment in time, a memory at its core and their latest scent Café Tuberosa is no exception. The story behind their newest scent goes a little something like this “He had received a mysterious invitation to Venice just a few days after that unforgettable night. He was wondering what this was all about, then he recognized “Café Tuberosa”. There she was, staring at him. Suddenly it was clear. In a moment they would have the chance to start over again.” Get lost in this story and more at their Covent Garden store in the Market Building.