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The Best of Bloom in Covent Garden

The Best of Bloom in Covent Garden

The Best of Bloom in Covent Garden

To celebrate the return of Covent Garden in Bloom 2019, we've rounded-up the best floral-inspired products in the neighbourhood. From floral fragrances to botanical bags, we're blooming both in-store and out!


Electric Rhubarb

The Signature Scent

If you could bottle that feeling of laughing and sipping perfectly chilled Prosecco on a balmy summer’s afternoon - this would be it.

Introducing Floral Street's latest scent, Electric Rhubarb. Created in collaboration with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), beautiful white florals and soft powdery sandalwood are combined with the scent of English rhubarb and an unexpected blast of salty sea air to make this an instant mood lifter. Bubbly, effervescent and a little bit unexpected, it’s the perfect party guest of the fragrance world.


The Must-Have Bag

Designed with a remastered floral print, this stylish collection of bags from Radley's new Heritage Flower collection offer a retro feel to everyday outfits. Crafted with chic tan trims and spacious interiors, you won’t have to compromise on fashion or functionality. 

Radley Heritage Flower


Whittard of Chelsea

The Taste of Covent Garden

As a homage to Covent Garden’s blossoming history as a fruit and flower market, Whittard of Chelsea added a glorious cascade of petals, from cornflowers to bright safflowers and marigolds to their signature Covent Garden Blend Tea – it’s a little cup of metropolitan paradise.

Head downstairs to the Whittard of Chelsea Tea Bar for a delicious cuppa or pick up a box to take home with you to remind you of the floral scents of Covent Garden.


The Perfect Bouquet

Capturing the true essence of Petersham Nurseries, the Florist creates dramatic, wild and colourful displays that enchant and captivate. Bespoke bouquets, flowers and posies are readily available inside the Shop on King Street.

Bespoke bouquets, flowers and posies can be given as gifts, to create vibrant displays or to bring any special event to life. Arrangements can be created in the form of hand-tied bouquets or delivered in beautiful hand-blown vases. In line with Petersham Nurseries ethos, there is an emphasis on seasonal, British grown flowers and responsible sourcing.

Petersham Nurseries


Molton Browns NEW Geranium Nefertum Collection

The Ultimate Fragrance

Discover the mystifying androgyny of Molton Brown’s new Geranium Nefertum Collection; a kaleidoscope of minty geranium, crisp green fig leaf and warming, resinous labdanum notes. The fragrance is a fresh interpretation of chypre green – It takes the classic structure and puts an abstract spin on it in a bold, multi-faceted guise.

Created with an unexpectedly minty geranium sourced from the Nile Delta; its poetic name is a nod to Nefertum, the ancient god of perfume. Inherently androgynous, it’s an olfactive celebration of gender fluidity and daring to be your true self.


The 'I Made it Myself'

Fancy getting hands on this Covent Garden in Bloom? Botanical Boys is proud to be collaborating with The Shop at Bluebird to offer guests a unique terrarium class experience in Carriage Hall this May and June.

The Botanical Boys will take you through a brief history of terrarium design before you get stuck in. You will be able to add rocks, stones and moss features and of course a selection of plants will be available to you. Once you have completed your garden, it will become a self-sustaining eco system where the plants will thrive and take care of themselves.

Tickets cost £30 per person and classes last 1 hour 15 minutes. Get your tickets here.

The 'I Made it Myself'