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The Best Christmas Desserts in Covent Garden

The Best Christmas Desserts in Covent Garden

The Best Christmas Desserts in Covent Garden

From Christmas pudding ice cream to festive pancakes, here's our round-up of the very best festive desserts in Covent Garden.


Snowball Fight, Ivy Market Grill

Have a Snowball Fight at the Ivy Market Grill

You can always count on the Ivy Market Grill to create a wonderful family-friendly dessert, no matter the time of year.

This Christmas, discover the Ivy Market Grill's Snowball Fight Christmas dessert, featuring creamy Christmas pudding ice cream, crisp ginger bread, pine cones and brandy sauce, an ideal treat for those with a sweet tooth. Available from the 3rd until 24th December.


A Traditional Christmas Cake from Carluccio's

This pandolce from Liguria is made with pistachios, pine nuts, fruit and orange flower essence especially for Carluccio's.

Viale Mojon in Genova is home to Pietro Romanengo’s confectionery workshop. Here, they make everything by hand for the oldest ‘confetteria’ in Italy; for Carluccio's, they make pandolce, a traditional Genovese Christmas cake. This buttery ‘sweet bread’ begins in a maze of little rooms, where fruit is candied, pistachios roasted, and cakes baked.

Pandolce, Carluccio's



A Scandi Christmas at Ladurée

This Christmas, Ladurée is inviting talented chefs and young, up-and-coming pâtissier from all over the world to breathe new life into the meticulous and exclusive art form of French pâtisserie.

Taking inspiration from the customs of his home country, renowned Norwegian Head Pastry Chef Sverre Saetre has created a unique Yule log exclusively for Ladurée, housed in a traditional wooden box called the “Tine” (pronounced “Tina”). In Norway, this box is used to transport pastries and other confectionery for family meals or celebrations. The Tine Signature Log is available from 19th December.


Conquer Mont Blanc at the Aubaine Deli

Over at the Aubaine Deli you can enjoy a very special dessert this Christmas. Featuring a vanilla mousse dome and feather-light sponge for the perfect balance of richness; Mont Blanc really is a sweet deal.

Mont Blanc, Aubaine Deli


Panettone, The Delicatessen at Petersham Nurseries

Discover Petersham Nurseries' Panettone

What is Christmas without panettone? Made in Italy according to a traditional recipe, this naturally leavened panettone from the Petersham Deli is made using the same sourdough mother yeast created in 1932. Left to rise for 36 hours and filled with candied fruit, this artisan panettone is packed by hand in brown paper before being tied with Petersham Nurseries' iconic Indian ribbon.


Festive Pancakes at PANCS

Did someone say Christmas pancakes? PANCS has given its menu a festive fix this Christmas. Opt for the Spiced Apple Compote, Custard and Cinnamon or the Red Velvet Millecake. You can go dairy or gluten free too if you wish!