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Kings Court

Floral Court and Carriage Hall

Kings Court

Latest News on the Development

Welcome to the Floral Court and Carriage Hall homepage where you can keep up to date on the latest news on the development.

The Scheme

  • Floral Court and Carriage Hall is a new mixed use development opening up a pedestrian route between Floral Street and King Street, establishing new high quality residential, retail and restaurant space

  • Floral Court will deliver substantial public realm improvements in the heart of Covent Garden including a new public courtyard.

  • Work commenced in Autumn 2014.

    Ariel view

    Who are we?

    Capital & Counties Properties PLC (Capco) is one of the largest listed property companies in central London. Capco curates and stewards Covent Garden with a strong emphasis on distinctive place-making, innovation and enterprise.

    Capco manages the environmental impact of its developments and engages with the community as a responsible neighbour.

    Capco made the first major purchase of the Covent Garden Estate in 2006 and works with local stakeholders to preserve, maintain and celebrate the attributes which make the area unique.

    The Team

    Developer - Capco 
    Contractor - Sir Robert McAlpine 
    Demolition - Kelbray 
    Architect - KPF

    Who can I speak to about the development?

    Alasdair McGowan, Head of Development Management, Capco Covent Garden 020 7395 5496

    24-hour hotline, 0808 168 1206

    How can I keep up to date on the development?

    • Capco Covent Garden is providing regular communications on the development via email newsletters
    • To receive newsletters updating you on the scheme, or to inform us of an alternative postal and /or email address, please contact Debi Doy at
    • Capco Covent Garden is hosting regular Community Liaison Groups to keep you informed of works, and answer any questions you may have regarding the activities taking place. To join this group, please email Debi Doy at the address above.
    • A 24-hour helpline has been set up - call 0808 168 1206

    The Site

    Carriage Hall and Floral Court are in the heart of Covent Garden and the development incorporates a 1980’s office building at 22-25 Floral Street, 27-28 King Street, 31-32 King Street, 19A Floral Street and 34 Rose Street.

    Currently there is no North-South pedestrian route between Floral Street and King Street, making the long city block impermeable.

    The dated and dysfunctional 1980’s office block on Floral Street does not contribute to the area.

    The existing private courtyard between Floral Street and King Street is inaccessible to the public.



    Overview of proposals

      • To transform the existing private courtyard into a new public courtyard, named Floral Court.


      • Establish a new north-south route through Floral Court, to link Floral Street and King Street for the first time.


      • Regenerate the western end of Floral Street by changing the use of existing building from predominantly office to retail and residential.


      • Improve the existing listed buildings, bringing them up to a higher standard suited to the area.


      • Animate the ground floor frontages along Floral Street, providing a better connection between built and public space.


      • Create 50 new homes in the district, including affordable homes.


      • Create 8 new retail units, and 2 new high quality al fresco restaurants.


      • Sustainable development of the highest quality
    King Street Full

    Carriage Hall

    Carriage Hall is a Grade II listed building on Floral Street and is currently largely in office use, with limited retail.

    Characterised by its large but hidden central courtyard — this will be enclosed and changed to retail use.

    It is expected that the Ground and First floors will be traded by a single entity probably as a multi brand store.

    Carriage Hall interior

    Public Realm Improvements

    A new, central public courtyard will be created in Floral Court.

    High-quality landscaping will be used and public and alfresco seating provided around newly planted mature trees, forming a welcoming and attractive public space

    Passages will connect to the surrounding streets providing a much needed new route within the district

    Conduit Court will become a substantially improved route from Long Acre to Floral Street

    A small courtyard will be created off Conduit Court as a resting space between the two streets, again with mature landscaping

    The quality of pavements, roads and street lighting will be improved in the vicinity of the scheme, including Floral Street and in Banbury and Conduit Courts

    Signage will be enhanced and the area made more wheelchair-friendly, improving access for all.


      Construction logistics

      Capco, Sir Robert McAlpine and Keltbray are committed to ensuring the construction of the scheme is carefully planned to minimize disruption to neighbours and the wider estate

      Noise and vibration mitigation

      Real time monitoring of noise and vibration using advanced technology Section 61 agreement in place with Westminster Council

      Work will use the recommendations of British Standard 5228 to mitigate noise

      Acoustic screening and hoarding

      Minimise generation of air born dust through damping down

      Traffic and Delivery Management

      Robust Construction and Environmental Management Plan has been approved by WCC

      Traffic Management plan for Floral Street to be implemented at the start of 2015 to safely allow construction vehicles to travel on Floral Street. This will involve managed vehicle access to Floral Street from 9am – 12pm and 2pm – 5pm

      Capo Covent Garden will shortly be issuing details of a Delivery Management Scheme to minimise disruption to local businesses and residents 

      Traffic marshalls are in place to manage construction traffic movement

      Pedestrian access will be maintained on Floral Street

      Roads and pavements will be protected and kept clean and a respectful code of conduct followed by all contractor teams

      KC Delivery