Odd Muse

London-based luxury womenswear brand, introducing a slower pace to the fashion industry. Odd Muse is known for its best-selling blazers and viral pearl dress, with a dedication to ensuring every product curated captures a timeless, durable, and versatile design. The brand's dedication is to bridge the gap between fast fashion and unattainable luxury by offering unique pieces that will last forever in your wardrobe and will stand the test of trans-seasonal fashion.

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Inspired by the craftspeople she has encountered and driven by an insatiable desire to share high-quality garments with the world, Founder Aimee launched Odd Muse in 2020 with a vision of slowing down consumption trends and designing a collection of capsule, timeless garments. Since then, Odd Muse has gained great success and an international following. After the success of an Odd Muse Pop Up Shop earlier this year, it was apparent customers were ready for a permanent physical presence.

Nestled in the heart of London’s iconic Covent Garden, Odd Muse London is delighted to unveil its permanent store, a captivating boutique where the extraordinary meets the everyday. The Odd Muse Store will be the only place you can shop Odd Muse in London, so expect the unexpected of the constant innovation and luxurious, timeless appeal that is Odd Muse - also known as the premium destination for investment fashion is landing in London.

The Odd Muse team has created a lavish and enchanting atmosphere that encapsulates all that is Odd Muse in its first permanent store. From a luxurious shopping experience with the help of our Odd Muse Assistants to picture-perfect, opulent changing rooms to elevate each customer’s experience. With a space that reflects the brand’s elegant and modern aesthetic, visitors can expect to see the latest collections, best-selling styles, next day click and collect services, and more.