6 Easy Wins with Herbs

The perfect addition to any kitchen, growing your own herbs will not only save you a penny or two at the supermarket but they are really easy to grow.

You can either sow your own or buy small plants but the key is to make sure you use your herbs regularly as this will only help them grow stronger. Find a sunny spot for them to live and regularly pinch out the top sprigs which will encourage the plant to grow more at the side, leaving you with a full and fruitful herb plant.

Perfect for a jug of PIMMS, this is a herb you will find yourself reaching to time and time again. Whether you want to make a fresh mint tea or simply sprinkle over a salad, there are many variations you can discover.

Top Tip: Pinch your mint out regularly to help encourage the plant to grow side shoots and bush out more

Loves: Sunny spot in the garden or on the window sill

Hates: Not much, but beware mint does like to take up a lot of space

The smell of fresh basil on top of a perfectly baked pizza or pasta dish is divine and the aroma of this plant is simply wonderful.

Top Tip: Grow in a pot and leave in a sunny spot inside or out but ensure it is sheltered from the wind.

Loves: Sunshine

Hates: Not keen on being kept in deep shade or being over watered

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Chive Got You Babe

Once again, rosemary is easy to grow from seed or plant but packs a punch of flavour as one of the hardiest of the herb varieties.

Top Tip: Much like a lavender plant, rosemary can take a bit of chopping if it’s outgrowing its space.

Loves: Sunshine

Hates: The rosemary beetle is a metallic ladybird lookalike that like to nibble at your plants so watch out for them. Also try not to over water!

Did you know even the flowers on chives are edible?

Top Tip: Large chive plants can be divided to make smaller ones. Make sure to cut back after the plant has flowered to get a second flower flush

Loves: Sunshine

Hates: Being ignored so ensure you’re keeping a watchful eye.

An easy grower whose seeds, leaves and stalks can be used in cooking.

Top Tip: Keep in a sheltered sunny spot and ensure you’re regularly watering.

Loves: Only some sunshine

Hates: Not much, but it is a fast grower so keep pinching the top regularly to encourage new shoots.

Frilly or flat, it is an easy grower which makes any dish look restaurant worthy.

Top Tip: Sow in a pot or in the ground and keep it well maintained to help longevity.

Loves: Well drained soil in a sunny spot

Hates: Make sure you dead head your plant to encourage new flowers.