Best Date Night Venues

With so many new exciting and romantic restaurant concepts to choose from, organising a date night in London can be a tricky task. But fear not, we’ve collated the best date night destinations in the West End of London, perfect for Valentine’s Day or a special occasion – or just because!

From fun-filled Peruvian Pisco bars to sushi to share, and stylish staycations to the ‘most romantic restaurant in London’, Covent Garden has got romance covered, from your first date right through to a proposal.

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The First Date

First dates are always a bit nerve-wracking, so why not grab a cocktail to ease your nerves? LIMA CANTINA specialises in delicious Pisco-based cocktails and is the perfect spot for a first date.

Not only will you seem very ‘in-the-know’ for suggesting a cool, new Peruvian restaurant in the heart of Covent  Garden, but the incredible cocktails and traditional food are guaranteed to impress your date. 

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The Third Date

So you’ve got yourself a third date – congratulations! You clearly get on well, but there’s still plenty more to find out about one another… Sticks ‘n’ Sushi’s Henrietta Street menu is heavily focused on sharing, giving you a perfect chance to get to know each other (and each other’s food penchants) better!

The Danish-Japanese sushi restaurant is known for its ‘Menu for two’, providing the ultimate sharing experience that’s perfect for a date. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even ask your waiter to keep serving you new dishes until you say stop! If you need a failsafe, remember there’s always the Black Cod.

Then, when you’re finished, head to the bar at the back for an aperitif or digestif in the form of Japanese-inspired cocktails to conclude the night. If you want to look dead informed, ask for the sparkling sake!

The Staycation

You’re now three or six months down the line and ready to up the ambiance and book a staycation. Henrietta’s charming hotel and restaurant offers a warm and stylish atmosphere, serving-up 5-star food with impeccable service.

The intimate, art deco inspired 18-room hotel opened its doors in 2017 and the restaurant, run by Michelin-star chef Ollie Dabbous, features a modest menu with seasonal ingredients, with a subtle nod to France.

Use this as the perfect opportunity to test the waters and book your first night away together in Henrietta’s Room 18, undoubtedly the best room in the house; styled to perfection and offering incredible views across London. After dinner, sip on delicious gin-based cocktails in the hotel’s romantic bar before heading straight up to your room. No Uber required.

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The Proposal

Repeatedly crowned London’s most romantic restaurant time and time again, Clos Maggiore is a true gem, located in the very heart of Covent Garden.

Influenced by the beautiful country inns of Provence and Tuscany, let Clos Maggiore’s wood-panelled rooms, atmospheric candle light and apple blossom-filled conservatory transport you and your loved one away to a romantic escape for two. The restaurant offers some of the finest French cuisine in London and offers one of the city’s most extensive wine lists, with over 2,500 wines from 18 different countries to choose from. What place better suited to a proposal?

P.S. To get a seat in Clos Maggiore’s famed blossom-filled conservatory you’ll need to book 3 months in advance, specifically requesting your table requirements.

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Meet The Parents

So you need somewhere to impress? Look no further than Balthazar, where you can always rely on their excellent service and fantastic food. Watch as your other half's parents are quietly impressed with your choice as Balthazar blends unpretentious class with a refined menu of crowd-pleasers. The menu includes a wide selection of classic French brasserie and bistro dishes so whether it’s a Saturday Brunch, a weekday lunch or a Monday night dinner, you can count on Balthazar to get you through.

→ Balthazar
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Meet The Mates

A close second to meeting the in-laws is meeting the mates, the ones who have stood by your heart's desire through thick and thin. They have seen it all, the first love, the one that should have never been a thing and then there is you. You need something to impress, something cool but not too cool, something that will please all and show that you know how to take care of your own. Enter Cora Pearl's Sunday Roast. The Sunday menu blends everyone's favourite with the elegance of Cora Pearl.

→ Cora Pearl