The Lebanese Bakery

Beirut-based The Lebanese Bakery has opened its first international flagship in Covent Garden. The flagship eatery is the brainchild of brothers Samer and Bassam Chamoun and despite having only been formed in 2016, has already gained a cult following for its delicious variety of traditional Lebanese flatbreads known as ‘Manousheh’.

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Manousheh, Beirut’s most popular snack is made from a soft dough similar to pizza, sprinkled with toppings such as herbal za’atar (a wild thyme-sesame blend), cheese, chopped tomatoes, and meat, and always served piping hot. As Manousheh is typically enjoyed at breakfast time in Lebanon, foodies can enjoy the signature baked egg Manousheh, served with free range eggs, sunny side up.

The Lebanese Bakery seats up to 28 guests as well as offering take away and delivery options. All dishes are baked to order in the bakery’s very own traditional Arabic basalt rock oven.

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Born and raised in Beirut, both brothers have drawn inspiration from all corners of the globe to expand the neighbourhood bakery. Alongside his work with the Middle Eastern eatery, Samer works as an architect with a studio in Beirut. The restaurateur has also spent time working for Zaha Hadid, where he honed his design skills.

In addition, Bassam is a successful real estate developer who is behind a number of large commercial and residential projects in Beirut, including the development of local and regional restaurants. Both Samer and Bassam’s passion for food led them to create The Lebanese Bakery and spread the love for Manousheh across the globe. Set to rival pizza, the Lebanese flatbread will undoubtedly become a UK favourite.