Venchi, Market Building

A chocolate and artisan gelato haven that celebrates the Italian tradition, Made In Italy and the use of all natural quality ingredients. A chocolate boutique with Cafeteria and a warm and relaxed atmosphere right in the middle of Covent Garden. You will be welcomed by knowledgeable staff ready to help and tailor a 360° tasting experience that will tickle your tasted buds, whether you are a regular, a tourist or family with children looking for a quick snack or a break at any time of the day: breakfast, lunch, afternoon.

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Officially founded in 1878, Venchi’s confectionery faithfully respects the Italian tradition by selecting the most genuine and natural ingredients from Italy such as hazelnuts, almonds and olive oil. Some recipes are still produced today as they were 140 years ago. Try the iconic Gianduiotto 1878, the highest expression of Venchi tradition and owing its unique flavour to Piedmonte IGP hazelnuts, considered the world’s best.

Since 1878 Venchi love good things that make us feel good, for this reason their chocolate and gelato are made for moments of sharing and celebration, with the best ingredients and the best intentions: to look on the bright side of life! That’s why Venchi never forget to add art, unpredictability, exuberance, warmth, and everything that makes Italy so Italian.

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