Seven Dials Market

Seven Dials Market is a concoction of the best independent street food and drinks vendors in London. Seven Dials brings together a diverse group of food businesses from around the world, all with roots in the city's streets

The Seven Dials Market was created by KERB, a membership organisation which brings the most promising street food traders in London and aims to incubate and accelerate their businesses. These talented traders, from all walks of life, are providing the people of London with mouth-watering, so good you cant stop, cuisine, and ultimately can grow their businesses from the kerb up!

Housing nearly 20 pioneering food businesses inside the historic Thomas Neal's Warehouse in Seven Dials, the food hall is a buzzing and electric atmosphere with the best street food, freshest cocktails and a social space where all are welcome.

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Sukoshi - New to Seven Dials Market!

As a family-owned business with over 20 years of experience, Sukoshi knows what their doing when it comes to sushi. Their team of skilled chefs at Seven Dials Market bringing their expert skill and passion to every dish they create.

Sukoshi believe that the key to extraordinary sushi lies in the freshness, using the finest and freshest seafood from trusted local suppliers.  Sukoshi strongly believe sushi should be accessible for everyone, so they create fresh and authentic food, which doesn't break the bank.

→ Sukoshi
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The Seven Dials Market comes in two floors with different vibes. Firstly, there is Banana Warehouse, filled with street food kitchens and communal tables. Visit here for fantastic cuisine from Arnabeet, Bad Boy Pizza Society, the iconic Pick & Cheese (the world's first ever cheese conveyor belt!) and many more. Secondly, there is Cucumber Alley which is home to some of London's best desserts like Boolay Crepes and Soft Serve Society. Both floors are delicious and of course it is highly recommended that you finish on something sweet... 
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Bar Nana

Enjoy a fresh fruit juice, or add a cheeky twist and treat yourself to a cocktail at Bar Nana.

Bar Nana is the perfect place to enjoy a drink with friends in the heart of Seven Dials. The bar is stocked with independent spirits, beers, cocktails and a wide range of sodas and non-alcoholic drinks. By day, enjoy a nutritious fresh juice from a range of fruity options.

By night, choose from a list of Bar Nana's delicious cocktails. Prefer drinks more on the sour side? Enjoy the Seven Dials Sour - hibiscus, strawberry, pink lady apple and gin, an absolute feast for the senses! Or choose another delicious concoction such as the Karma Colada, every pineapple lovers dream, or the Orange is the New Orange, you can guess what that one's made from...

Bar Nana is also free for hire for your next event. Whether you want to hire for a private party, work event or team social, Bar Nana is the perfect place to enjoy with friends and family, surrounded by the buzz of Seven Dials Market the atmosphere is electric! Simply email for enquiries.

Located on the ground floor of Seven Dials Market, next to Pick & Cheese, visit Bar Nana for a refreshing drink after a day around Covent Garden and the dials.

→ Bar Nana
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Pick & Cheese

Experience the world’s first ever cheese conveyor belt restaurant in the heart of London’s West End. Choose from a rotating belt of regularly changing cheeses, all sourced from the UK. Pair your cheese with individual condiments and small producer wines. Visit Pick & Cheese every Wednesday and you can indulge on bottomless cheese, that’s right, as many plates as you would like for over an hour (only £25pp).

→ Pick & Cheese
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Boolay Crepes

Made fresh to order every day, Boolay Crepe are serving up mouth-watering sweet treats in Seven Dials Market. In the form of crème brûlée crepe cones, they are then piped with cream patisserie, sprinkled with sugar and torched for the signature caramelised top of crème brûlée The adorable name comes from founder, Sammie Le’s daughter who pronounces Brûlée as Boolay. How cute!

→ Boolay Crepes

The market is a walk-in only space, with plenty of seats and communal tables to grab, but you can book one of their quirky party spaces to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or corporate events. The Market Bookshop and Bar Nana are available to book seven days a week.

Truffleburger 26

Truffle Burger

Founded in 2018, Truffle Burger’s goal is to bring a luxury product to the masses in an affordable and accessible way. All their food features truffle in one way or another and the idea came from the love of the ingredient by the founder, Tom.

→ Truffle Burger
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Bad Boy Pizza Society

Starting out as a parody University society, aiming to get discount pizza for all the crew, Bad Boy Pizza Society has taken Seven Dials Market and the rest of London by storm. Specialising in New York-style pizzas with traditional and unique topping options, buy by the slice up to a whole 22-inch pizza!

→ Bad Boy Pizza Society
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Sustainability at Seven Dials Market

Seven Dials Market has always focused on being as sustainable as possible. They are now taking seven steps further to challenge themselves and become more sustainable than ever.

  1. Saving Water - they have installed flow regulator taps and reduced toilet flushes (this should save around 3.5 million litres a year!)
  2. Educating Kids - the kids menu is printed on recycled paper to teach little foodies about making sustainable food choices and how to reduce their waste
  3. Food into Biofuel - Seven Dials is home to one of only five Rothenburg generators in the country, turning left over food into biofuel
  4. Chai Guys no longer use disposable cups and now give their customers china cups instead. Not to worry as their takeaway cups are recyclable
  5. BYOB - Bring your own bottle! The number of water stations in the market has increased and you will not find a plastic bottle in sight
  6. Less Glass Bottles- glass is better than plastic but still not amazing, so Seven Dials market are trialling spirits being served in jerry cans instead
  7. Actually Caring! - Seven Dials Market have introduced an internal 'KERB and the Planet' committee which will get the traders involved too.
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Visit Seven Dials Market to try the newest member of Banana Warehouse, Arnabeet. Meaning cauliflower in Arabic, Arnabeet is all about Syrian culture, food, and flavours. Try from their delicious selection of foods including batata hara, lentil finger burner and of course what they are named after, Arnabeet which is fried cauliflower with tahini dressing. Offering a selection of lunch bowls, Arnabeet is the perfect place to grab and go, or slow down and try a new cuisine after a day out in London.

→ Arnabeet


Oshpaz does food so good, the market had to have them twice! In the market you can find Oshpaz dumplings downstairs in Cucumber alley, and Oshpaz noodles upstairs in Banana Warehouse. Whether you are feeling a steaming dumpling or have a taste for Uzbeki hand-pulled noodles or a Plov rice bowl (served with a choice of chicken, lamb or vegan) , Oshpaz has got you covered.

→ OshPaz
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Market Bookshop

The Market Bookshop is a lovely space on the lower floor of the Seven Dials Market. In collaboration with world-renound travel book seller, Stanfords.

The space is the perfect place to host a private event and is available for hire 9am-11pm Monday - Friday. The space can hold up to 40 people, changing depending on tables and room layout. The space has a fully stocked private bar and of course access to all of the independent food traders within the market.

→ Find Out More
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Soft Serve Society

Bringing wild flavour combinations like Matcha Madness and Charcoal Coconut, Soft Serve Society is ice cream reimagined. Don't walk, run to Seven Dials Market to indulge in a sundae, freakshake, or standard creamy cone. The dessert hot spot is aesthetic and delicious, the perfect combination to get those shots for the Instagram and a sweet treat.

→ Soft Serve Society
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Curry on Naanstop & Naanstop Express

Let go of all your preconceptions of Indian food. Experience the real flavours of Mumbai and relish the true street food and the best authentic flavours. Serving up mouth-watering and authentic Mumbai sweet and savoury bite-size treats. Visit Naanstop Express in Cucumber Alley downstairs and Curry on Naanstop upstairs in Banana Warehouse.

→ Curry on Naanstop
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Not only does Seven Dials Market offer a vast range of cuisines from all over the world, they also offer unique private party space available to hire! If you are in the market for a venue for a big birthday bash, work event or festive party, just enquire with the Seven Dials Market team.