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Wimbledon in Covent Garden

We’re kicking off the sunshine season with Pimm's on the Piazza as you enjoy the head to head Championships of Wimbledon live! From 27th June on the East Piazza until Sunday 10th July, our big screen will have you immersed in the courtside atmosphere as it happens.

Brought to you by Magic Radio’s 100% Summer.

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Wimbledon in Covent Garden

Covent Garden brings you front row seats to the summer’s best sporting event screening. Sit back and relax with the iconic Piazza background as you watch some of the world's greatest tennis stars take on the title of Wimbledon champion. Don't miss out on the traditionally British servings of Pimm's with a side of strawberries and cream to add to your Piazza experience.

Official sponsors of the tournament, Polo Ralph Lauren can be found at 11B King Street, explore their Wimbledon collection to style yourself like the stars.

Dine with a difference at 38 King Street and explore the instagram-famous tennis ball dessert at Mariage Frères this July.

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Experience the ultimate summer of Wimbledon with strawberries and cream and an ice cold glass of Pimm's.