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Shavata Singh London

If you’re after that perfect eyebrow shape, lashes then look no further than Shavata, the Brow Queen herself.

Many of our customers are understandably hesitant to go down the route of dermaplaning or eyebrow waxing, which is one of the reasons that Eyebrow Threading is the most popular form of eyebrow shaping there is.

Threading concentrates on pulling out those tiny, more stubborn hairs to give you a clean, flawless look and finish. Eyebrow Threading can reform and uplift the appearance of your entire face!

Our specialist Shavata-trained Threading brow and lash artists are expertly trained in how to perfectly shape eyebrows and use the best threading techniques to achieve the “perfect arch” that frames your face, whilst giving you a mini face lift in under 15 minutes!

Whilst Threading is most commonly used for brows, specifically focused on great eyebrow shaping, it is also a highly effective hair removal treatment to remove unwanted hair on the entire face, including the upper lip area. That’s why we provide a range of threading treatments here at Shavata Brow Studio, which target each specific area of the face. Our treatments vary in price to suit your own personal budget.

Hailed the “Brow Queen” by the likes of Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan, Shavata Singh has revolutionised the beauty industry with her unique and natural approach to eyebrow grooming. Using the ancient Asian art of threading, Shavata expertly accentuates the face structure and enhances the natural beauty of each client. A true trailblazer, Shavata opened her first Shavata Singh London Studio in 2004, well before the age of social media influencers and the online beauty tutorial boom.

Shavata has built a devoted following over the years, and is the only choice for many celebrities, fashion insiders and other high-profile clients, including Adele, Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson, Elle Macpherson and Kelly Brook. Her bespoke, highly in-demand eyebrow treatments boost clients’ confidence and enhance their lifestyle.

Shavata brings her trusted expertise to her Studios, where she trains her top team personally, so that each and every client is treated with the same insight, discretion and luxury. Inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do at Shavata Singh London Studios, and it’s our mission to empower everyone who comes through our doors to feel confident and beautiful.