Introducing illustrator Lois Lillian...

Designer of artwork 'Covent Garden in Colour'

Who is Lois Lillian?

Where reality and illustrations collide - Brighton based digital designer and illustrator Lois Lillian is an emerging artist whose creative flair is translated into playful, contemporary and bold designs, often illustrated over photography, to bring to life and embellish backgrounds. Block pastels, graphic icons and bubble styled typography all come together to animate and create an alternate universe of whimsical yet striking digital art pieces.

Covent Garden in Colour

This January, Covent Garden breaks through those winter blues to reveal a campaign with a series of illustrative digital and large scale vinyl designs across it’s shopping, dining and experience renowned estate in collaboration with artist Lois Lillian. From our historic Market Building and exclusive dining destinations to showcasing our global brands, Lois Lillian brings her brilliantly vibrant interpretations of the heart of London to life by animating iconic viewpoints of our experiential neighbourhood.

We chatted with Lois to dive into the details of her artistic style, her biggest inspirations and what brings colour to her life. Read our interview with her…

What inspired you when designing 'Covent Garden in Colour'?

I went to visit Covent Garden when we started to discuss this project and I hadn’t been for quite a while and it really inspired me to be around the lively-ness, food, shopping, people enjoying time together and indulging in small pleasures. While I was there the team also told me about how Covent Garden was the first place that they sold pineapples in London which we both thought would be a great thing to incorporate into the piece.

For the colour palette of the piece I selected colours from Google Maps images and photos I took during my visit (an idea from my Dad).

I like to work quite organically so I usually sketch out different ideas over the image to see what works. I’ll try out flowers with smiley faces, clouds floating out of a window, waves of colour wrapping around buildings and just see what works best with the image.

Market Building Web 1
Shopping IG Portrait
Named Europe's best shopping destination, discover hundreds of global brands in our iconic neighbourhood. Experience the arts, dining exclusives, luxury hotel staycations, London's beauty quarter and more at Covent Garden.

“I'd describe my design style as vibrant & playful”

Sushi And Alfresco Dining IG Portrait

As a creative, who inspires you and the path you’ve taken as a designer?

First and foremost my family have truly inspired me and encouraged my creativity, they are all in different creative industries so I got some great insight from a young age, it was second nature. Outside of my family, I get inspired by many different creatives from fashion designers to fine art painters to musicians. One particular artist I’ve loved for a long time is Quentin Jones, her mixed media work has inspired me a lot throughout the years.

Covent Garden aims to spark joy with a variety of the best dining, global brands and experience led moments, what 3 brands in our neighbourhood are on your favourites list?

Being a beauty lover and working in the beauty industry, going into the Glossier store is such a great experience, my collection of lip balms and Glossier hoodies is slowly but surely growing. Miller Harris has to be my favourite for fragrance, they create truly unique scents and I love that they are a British brand. My current go to scent is Myrica Muse. For food it has to be Din Tai Fung, I first discovered it in Dubai and now it’s one of my favourites, keep the dim sum coming!

Vyta Dining IG Portrait

The Covent Garden in Colour series adds splashes of vibrancy to world of both digital and reality with your playful and interpretations of our famous estate. What brings colour to your everyday?

Anyone that knows me well knows I’m usually wearing black or some kind of neutral, but I love injecting colour in small ways such as my Baggu reusable shopper bags, loud and colourful phone cases or neon nail art, they act as small dopamine hits throughout the day. I have started to branch out more recently and wear pinks and reds which I really enjoy.


Covent Garden encourages creativity

Covent Garden continues to support art and culture as a destination that champions creativity, often being the home to large scale installations and collaborations from some of the greatest names in the industry, do you have any favourite artist moments that have been showcased across our estate?

I loved the collaboration with artist Lakwena, which is no surprise as I loved all of the amazing colour combinations that were used, along with a strong, powerful message.


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“I am so pleased to be working with Covent Garden and to inject some colour, vibrancy and joy into the heart of London. Covent Garden is a hub for innovation, culture, fashion and beauty and it is an honour to showcase my playful artwork across this historic area.” - Lois Lillian

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