Top 10 Photo Moments in Covent Garden

One of London's most instagrammable destinations, Covent Garden brings you selfie moments in abundance with floral installations, iconic London architecture, seasonal highlights and more. Bring your best pose and discover our guide to the top photo spots in Covent Garden...

Infinity Chamber (1)

#1 our Infinity Chamber

Bright lights, big city - you'll find our hidden gem for the best selfie moment between Long Acre and Floral Street. The Covent Garden Infinity Chamber is a must-visit photo moment, just bring your best pose! Often busy during peak times, we recommend you visit during the mornings or late evening for the best selfie opportunity.

Previously taken over by iconic brands such as Disney's Frozen, keep your eyes peeled for creative updates to our light tunnel throughout the year as we partner with your favourite brands to add additional sparkle!

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#2 Neal's Yard

One of Covent Garden's most photographed corners, this picturesque paradise of Neal's Yard is home to a range of independent al fresco dining, shopping and grab and go must-see's. Decorated in festoon lighting, beautiful greenery and the iconic coloured windows, take a wander to Seven Dials to get exploring.

Tucked away behind Shorts Gardens, discover this micro-village that can easily take the title as one of London's prettiest streets! Add Neal's Yard to your selfie shot-list.

#3 our iconic swing seat

Located at the bottom of James Street, the Covent Garden swing seat is a must-visit photo moment during your visit to our neighbourhood. Often wrapped in seasonal floral installations or dressed with an exclusive takeover from your favourite brands, the swing seat is a famous Covent Garden photo moment, perfect for your insta-feed!

During peak times, expect a queue for your photo at our swing seat. Arrive in Covent Garden throughout the morning for quieter periods.

Ave Mario Big Mamma Covent Garden (14)

#4 the most instagrammable restaurant

Ave Mario

Voted as the 'most Instagrammable restaurant' by the Covent Garden team, Ave Mario on Henrietta Street brings you a whole host of insta-moments to fill your feed with colour, fun and food goals!

From the striking striped interiors on the first floor to the multi-levels of wall to wall style, we recommend a trip to the bathroom for a playful neon surprise in the cubicles! Never has a toilet selfie been more glamourous.

The Instagram worthy content doesn't end with the decor, their extraordinary cocktail servings come in all shapes and sizes to surprise and delight!  Be sure to pre-book your table as it can get busy at times!

→ Discover Ave Mario

#5 Christmas in Covent Garden

Royal Opera House, New Exterior ©2018 ROH. Photograph By Luke Hayes (2)

#6 The Royal Opera House

A classical architecture masterpiece, the Royal Opera House offers a stunning backdrop for any budding ballerina or sophisticated selfie taker. With spectacular aerial views from the top floor balcony bar, looking over the East Piazza to the statement Floral Hall arched window.

The terrace bar is free to enter and offers one-of-a-kind views of the historic Covent Garden neighbourhood.

→ What's On at the Royal Opera House

#7 Flower Barrows

The Covent Garden flower barrows are a key photo backdrop for any visitor looking to capture the essence of CG. Dressed with seasonal florals and plants, our barrows add colour and beauty to our Piazzas and can be found across all four street entrances to the main Piazza.

Home to local insects, not only do our barrows offer a visual delight, they serve the wildlife with carefully selected flowers, aiming to attract bees and butterflies. You'll also notice one of our barrows serving as a herb garden - open to local residents to enjoy pickings from.

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#8 Floral Street

One of the prettiest streets in London, this cobbled lane is the backdrop to many insta shots. With it's twinkling lights and long stretching perspectives, a Floral Street selfie is a must!

Home to iconic fashion brands such as Paul Smith, GANNI, American Vintage and more, share your Floral Street selfie by tagging us @coventgardenldn

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#9 Floral Court

Tucked away behind Floral Street and King Street, Floral Court is a sanctuary of good food, al fresco settings and an oasis of greenery. Discover a sculpture of grand stature, the dried plant fibre elephant makes a great companion for any selfie. Flanked by the must-try La Goccia and The Petersham, this short-cut between streets is a recommended route when exploring Covent Garden.

Covent Garden London (5)

#10 our British Phone Booths

Follow the steps of Justin and Hailey Bieber with a James Street phone box smooch selfie, the iconic red booths are a London staple and Covent Garden has them galore. Take your instagrammable London shot on and tag @coventgardenldn to be featured.

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