Sustainable Shopping at Covent Garden

Sustainable initiatives have been a key focus for Covent Garden, with many of our partner brands chosen to take part in the Great British Brands ZERO initiative. With sustainable values at our core, we partner with many of London’s finest sustainable shops.

From eco-friendly makeup to ethical clothing, we’ve we provide a great change of options when shopping sustainably at Covent Garden.

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GANNI has partnered with I:CO to launch their garment take back scheme in their Covent Garden store to make it easier for their community to recycle garments and help extend the life cycle of clothes.

Customers will be able to drop off all kinds of unwanted, worn-out clothing and shoes from any brand, in whatever condition at designated collection boxes in their stores. I:CO then collects the boxes and sorts into different categories, in some cases they’ll be reused, recycled or transformed into new fabrics. For every bag/kg of clothes each customer drops off, GANNI will donate back to the I:CO circularity research project.

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You can find L’Occitane in the heart of the Market Building where they store may look small but the way they work to help the planet are big. L’Occitane has partnered with TerraCycle® to provide a collection and recycling programme for their customers to be able to simply recycle their empties at any of the L’Occitane boutiques. Simply bring in your empty beauty and skin care products from L’Occitane or any beauty brand to be recycled. What’s more, you will get 10% off a new full priced product!

What’s more, L’Occitane has a range of refills for their hero products that all you to reuse their packaging over and over again. They recently added shampoo, conditioner, bath, hand wash , cleansers and more to their refill range.

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Mulberry Made To Last Repairs (8)


To mark Mulberry's 50th anniversary year, the iconic British brand launched their Made to Last Manifesto, laying out an ambitious commitment to transform the business to a regenerative and circular model, encompassing the entire supply chain, from field to wardrobe by 2030.

To achieve this commitment the Made to Last Manifesto focuses on six key actions for change:

  1. Pioneer a hyper-local, hyper-transparent ‘farm to finished product’ supply chain model
  2. Develop the world’s lowest carbon leather sourced from a network of environmentally conscious farms
  3. Achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2035
  4. Continue to extend the life of Mulberry products through repair and restoration
  5. Buy back, resell or repurpose any Mulberry bag
  6. Extend their commitment to being a real Living Wage employer by working with network of suppliers to achieve the same
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Floral Street Fragrance

Floral Street Fragrance made it their mission from the very beginning to create vegan fragrance that is packaged in something good for the world. Through that journey that have created a totally new way to house your perfume in a ground-breaking pulp carton with an embossed lid, made from recyclable paper packaging and held together with a re-usable brightly-coloured band.

A first for the world of fragrance, the Floral Street Fragrance box is entirely recyclable and biodegradable. The innovation does not stop at their fragrance, for their tube which house their bath and body collection they turned to 100% sustainable sugarcane bioplastic, formed by processing the crop’s high sucrose content. The end result is durable packaging that is aesthetically indistinguishable from traditional plastic tubes, but remains 100% recyclable.

Apple (6)


Not sure what to do with your old phone? Apple in Covent Garden have a Reuse and Recycling Programme. Get credit when you recycle your eligible iPhone, iPad or selected smartphone from another manufacturer.

Trade in your eligible device at the Apple Store for instant credit towards your next purchase, or get an Apple Store Gift Card you can use anytime. If your device isn’t eligible for credit, Apple will recycle it for free.

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Charlotte Tilbury

Available exclusively in Charlotte Tilbury boutique, her Hot Lips 2 Lipstick collection is refillable. The collection can be interchanged with any of the 5 collectible, refillable Hot Lips 2 Lipstick designs. Hot Lips 2 was created in collaboration with 11 of Charlotte’s favourite icons including Amal Clooney, Jennifer Aniston and Enigmatic Edward.

→ Charlotte Tilbury
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Polo Ralph Lauren

Introducing, the Earth Polo from Polo Ralph Lauren. An icon of today, made for a better tomorrow. Ralph Lauren’s pledge is to use 170 million recycled plastic bottles in their products and packaging by 2025. Each Earth Polo is made using an average of 12 recycled plastic bottles.

→ Polo Ralph Lauren
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A.P.C. takes back your clothes for a reinsertion of solidarity

How does the recycling programme work?

The recycling programme allows all customers to return their old A.P.C. clothing to their Covent Garden store in exchange for a credit note valid for 6 months, according to a specific rate schedule. The returned products are aggregated and donated to a charitable organisation to be sold in a network of charity shops.

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If you have found the perfect footwear at Joseph Cheaney & Sons, ensure they are yours forever with the British shoe makers’ full refurbishment service. On arrival at the Northamptonshire factory, the shoes are carefully assessed and placed on the original lasts. The soles and heels are removed, along with the welts and with great skill and care, their craftsmen rebuild the shoe using genuine components, Goodyear welt stitching and new components such as heels and soles.

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Molton Brown

At Molton Brown, they believe that luxury and sustainability work hand-in-hand. An elegant and plastic-free alternative, the new 200ml glass bottle has a beautiful finish that you’ll cherish forever. Their handy refills help reduce waste as 80% less plastic is required to make one pouch compared to two of the brand’s standard 300ml bottles – a step towards eradicating disposable beauty.

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