Best Ice Cream in Covent Garden

Ice cream and Covent Garden go hand in hand. Not only do we have one of the biggest range of flavours in the West End of London, but we have the best space to enjoy the treat in; our iconic Piazza! Here's our round-up of the best places to enjoy ice cream this summer, because what is summer without ice cream?

Amorino (1)


Founded in 2002 by two Italian childhood friends, Amorino is the very essence of traditional gelato. Instantly recognisable for their presentation, Amorino manages to bring the best bits of Italy to Covent Garden. Step in to their store on Garrick Street, panic as you try to pick a flavour and then get ready to see the most beautifully presented gelato handcrafted into a stunning floral arrangement. Be quick to get your Instagram snap, then start enjoying!

→ Amorino


Morelli’s has been making gelato every day since 1907 so it is no wonder they are beloved in the ice cream world for their blend of classic and revolutionary flavours.

Choose from a cone, cup or a legendary sundae which comes beautifully presented in their Murano glassware. For those with dietary requirements then Morelli’s will have a gelato for you as the range in their Covent Garden parlour includes vegan, sugar free and more.

→ Morelli's Gelato


Thought macarons couldn't get any better? Think again.

Known for their world famous macaron, Ladurée in Covent Garden has given a literal cool new twist to its bestseller*. Two large macaron shells surround a delicious ice cream filling. For flavours, choose between cocoa-vanilla and bourbon vanilla ice cream, which is specked with cocoa bean nibs to give this treat a unique character. There is then the rose ice cream sandwich macaron sprinkled with crystalized rose is a layer of delicate, light and delectable rose ice cream.

*Availability varies. Year-round, you'll be still be able to enjoy Ladurée's signature Pistachio and Vanilla Ice Cream but remember to check in-store for details.

→ Ladurée
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Godiva Chocolatier was founded in 1926 in Brussels, Belgium, by master chocolatier Pierre Draps and was named in honor of the legend of Lady Godiva. Their chocolates are second to none but their ice cream is the best way to experience the brand’s legacy this summer. The newest flavour to reach the Covent Garden store is the double chocolate nougat topped soft serve ice cream.

→ Godiva
Venchi (3)


Venchi, the legendary ‘chocogelateria’ from Turin, brings authentic Italian ice-cream along with a number of other chocolate delights to Covent Garden. Made on site every day, you have a choice of over 50 flavours, a dozen toppings and even the option of sauces. Once you have made your very hard decision, Venchi in Covent Garden has the best window for taking that ultimate Instagram shot; it is filled with pastel ice cream cones!

→ Venchi
Flat Iron Ice Cream

Flat Iron

Yes we know Flat Iron is all about the steak, but one of the favourite parts of the Flat Iron experience in Covent Garden is the tiny meat cleaver that appears at the end of your meal. As you leave their largest restaurant, you can hand over the tiny meat cleaver in exchange for an ice cream covered in hand-carved chocolate shavings.

→ Flat Iron
Choc Custard With Burger Square

Shake Shack

Although not technically an Ice Cream, Shake Shack’s concreates do hit the spot for a frozen sweet treat. Their concreates are dense frozen custard blended at high speed with toppings and different mixes. Watch out for their ever-changing special menu but you can always count on their UK exclusive to be available which is call the Union Shack and is chocolate custard, fudge sauce, St John chocolate hazelnut brownie, Paul A. Young chocolate chunks and chocolate sprinkles.

→ Shake Shack
Avobar Ice Cream


Avobar’s newly crafted vegan ice cream, mochi and sorbet dishes make for a refreshing treat in the heat. Soak up the sunshine and enjoy the chilled desserts al fresco or hide from the heat amongst Avobar's instagrammable interiors. Located on 24 Henrietta Street, explore their avocado inspired menu.

→ Avobar