Discover Floral Court, our Urban Garden

Covent Garden may have changed since its humble beginnings of being the oldest square in London.

Covent Garden has changes since it was Westminster Abbey’s original orchard garden but what has always remained is the greenery that surrounds the area. From over 100 flowers crates to the Instagram worthy floral swing, through to the iconic flower seller Eliza Doolittle, Covent Garden has always remained true to its roots.

A welcome addition to Covent Garden is the newly opened Floral Court. Connecting Floral Street to King Street, the courtyard is a tranquil space in the heart of London. Currently home to The PetershamLa GocciaThe Delicatessen and more coming soon, the courtyard is a space to dine al fresco, find a respite on a tree bench and obviously snap an insta-worthy image.

Covent Garden’s own Petersham Nurseries has lovingly designed the court to be green all year round with the addition of Magnolia grandiflora in hand-crafted terracotta pots.

This urban garden is open for you to enjoy and visit! Make sure to snap and share your pictures to @CoventGardenLDN #CoventGarden