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atelier cologne covent garden
Quentin Monge Limited edition Clementine California bottle

Atelier Cologne

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Atelier Cologne founders Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel met for the first time in New York in 2006. After less than a year working together in the first company Christophe created, they discovered they shared a common passion for the legendary Eau de Cologne. Over a life-changing dinner in downtown Manhattan, Sylvie revealed her dream to revolutionise the world of Cologne, and create her very own Maison de Parfum. She dreamed of long-lasting scents, groundbreaking creativity, diversity and especially, making Cologne the “must-have” for any perfume wardrobe.

In a moment of daring and emotional connection, Christophe offered to partner with Sylvie on her project and also become her partner in life. That day, destiny took them by surprise and started what would become one of the most respected and desirable Maison de Parfum in the world. “Atelier Cologne was born out of our encounter and our love. Perfume has always been our passion and our profession. Our dream was to create colognes of character to wear as a Pure Perfume, all the while exalting the elegance and magical freshness of cologne. In 2009, our dream came true. We gave birth to a new perfume family: the Cologne Absolue.”

The Atelier Cologne experience is a privileged moment for each client, beginning with a bespoke perfume consultation. They immerse each person into the Atelier Cologne universe, introducing them to each of the collections’ bestsellers, and defining their own personal ‘perfume wardrobe’. While spraying, the Perfume Artists tell the story that inspired the Cologne Absolue. It is through this storytelling that customers’ imagination, memories and emotions are triggered, helping them make a final choice perfectly matching their personality and individual story.

At the Atelier, our unique engraving workshop offers Cologne lovers the chance to personalise their ‘keepsake’ travel spray. Clients can choose from more than 15 different colours of leather cases and have their name, initials or a short message engraved on the leather. This service is performed in front of each client by the Perfume Artists, in less than five minutes, using custom-made engraving machines. This final step is sure to leave a lasting impression into clients’ mind, putting an exclamation point on their consultation.

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atelier cologne covent garden